I have been so depressed and tired for the last few months. I never thought this is how the beginning of 2017 would be for me. So much heartaches crawled upon me. I cant focus, I cant hopeless. The “love of my life” is gone. No he is not dead, but the passion and love between us is over. He was supposed to be my lifetime partner, my rock but he could not handle the responsibility of fulfilling my needs. I HAVE NEEDS like how he has his. I revolved my life around him. After a long day at work, I am cooking at midnight to make sure he has lunch in the morning because I am constantly worrying whether he ate or not. I prayed every morning that he has a great day. I am always there when he stumbles on an obstacle. I am there when he needs help with the most common things in life. I tried giving emotional support. Gave him the intimacy he wants. But I grew overwhelmed. When I needed emotional support he turned away. When I needed financial support, he would give but then grumbles about me not having money of my own. Mind you, we are married.. The attention he had for his friends, I did not have. We shared different values in life, our future were different. We were not a team. Only time we ever were is if I did something that interest him or benefits HIM. This is my first marriage and hoped that it would be my last. When two people cant meet eye to eye and understands each other’s side…is that how it really goes? if it is, how do people manage? I am having the most difficult time finding ways to save our marriage.. with him he has not done a thing to help but rather lash out and call me inappropriate names. I need help.


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