Those little things.

I seem to have forgotten the feeling of love. The way he looked at me with those big brown eyes. The sound of his voice when he tells me “I love you”. The way his hand carrest my body, holds me close to him as if he never wants to let me go. The touch of his lips on mines and the way it travels all over my face. The feelings I have taken for granted for not knowing that one day these will all go away. Each day I crave for that passion..the warmth that it brings to my heart. Why must it end? Why has it been taken away from me leaving me empty.. Those little things that filled me up.. Those little things that brought joy to my life.. Those little things that ever kept me going believing that someone so true can ever love me this way. But good things never last. It always comes to an end. It’s just the time being that we ever took for granted and never held on. Those little things that I miss the most that ever made me feel connected to him.


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