“You’re a talker”

Till this day it still surprises me how much I changed. How much I can interact with other people and how it just comes out naturally. From being in the Medical field, it has taught me a whole lot of what it takes to be a “people person”. I mean to become successful you must voice out what you need to say. So I had a patient last night I was taking care of and she was this sweet shy teen who I knew right of the bat that I had to get to her in order for her to open up to me. The day started and there we were sitting in the room awkwardly switching looks at each other until I came out and ask how her day was going. Immediately a huge smile formed on her face and she started talking about her hospital stay and how much she hated it. We ended up talking the whole 8 hours I was there and just had a blast. I learned so much about her from what school she goes to, her passion, what she wants to do, and come to find out she was a very smart individual. She then later told me how she barely talked to the previous caretakers before me and that she never ever open up to anyone she didn’t know. In fact she told me how they didn’t really approached her like I did to where it was comfortable for her to have a stranger sitting in the room with her. She told me the moment I stepped in and started making small talks with my coworker that was with her before me and engaging her into the conversation, she knew that I was a talker. In which she liked and she was okay with. We immediately hit it off and became almost best friends. This was the most she ever talked during her hospital stay and possibly the happiest she has ever been. I got to meet her parents and she turned to her mom and told her how much she enjoyed me being there. Her dad thanked me for actually interacting with her and actually sitting right next to her other than sitting outside her room like she’s a caged animal like how he mentioned what her past caretakers were doing. Her mom also thanked me because she saw how happy her daughter was that evening and her daughter herself thank me as well and was sad that my shift was coming to its end.. Work days like these gives me the reason to love my job because of the impact I can make on someone’s life. I have the ability to make someone better with the medication of kindness and care. At times I feel as if I am not cut out for the job but God would send me nights like this to remind me that I am where I need to be. The hospital is the last place anyone wants to be at and the only way to ease that suffering is to welcome them with an open heart and assurance that they will be okay. I love my job and helping others. It’s what I’m meant to do. I’ve grown out of my comfort zone and dipped my toes into the open sea of possibilities. Im still that shy nonverbal girl but now talks a little bit more 😉


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