Lately I have been really thinking about my future.. Like who will I be tomorrow or five years from now? As people might not know, I’m a very family oriented type of person. I’m constantly thinking about what better ways I can help support my family. I’m getting so overwhelmed and stressed out because there is no quicker way to do so. There are so many “quick money” schemes out there but are they really easy money like they say they are? I had a chat with my mom the other night between what is considered a “career” and what is considered a “job”. To me a job is like anything that provides income for the household. It’s tough, you may work long hours just on minimum pay and barely make it till your next payday. A “career” on the other hand is something steady. Personally something you’d enjoy and know that you won’t be living off pack ramen the day before you get paid again. I want to make a career out of something to where I know I can offer my mom a $100 without putting myself in a financial crisis. That is why I think heavily on my future and the past few days it has come to the point where I’m getting a migraine just thinking about it! I don’t care whether it is my life at stake but I want to provide. I want to be able to make my family live comfortably. I’ve been blessed and grateful for everything but I want MORE. Not for myself, but to have more to give to my family. I feel so much pressure on myself because I feel as if everyone is relying on me. If I do not succeed the plan I have for my future, my family will suffer from it.


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