Happy 2016!

Hello to all I may know and may not know..

For those who does not know, my name is Celestin. Most preferably to be called Celes. I’ve started this blog a while back in hopes of sharing my passion for cooking. But since moving back in with my parents and getting a new job AND currently working on my nursing classes, I had so little time on my hands! I started to get lazy and turned to eating out a lot. Of course, all that took a toll on me. From being sleep deprived  and not getting the enough nutrition that I need, my health depleted and my weight went UP! I know what you may be thinking, “shes trying to sell something for weight loss..”. NO! I promise I am not! lol Lets fast forward to 2016! Where the “new year, new me” comes out. So this year I have a strong feeling that this is going to be THE..THA..DUH year for me. I don’t know, just a tickle in my tummy that something is going to happen. This is the year that everything is going to change. Already, I have been talking to my family and close friends about what is going on but I cant publically announce it just yet! I just need to know for sure that this is happening FOR REAL. So here you are that just stumbled upon my blog knowing that something huge is coming your way. What may that be you ask? All you need to do is stay tuned for the big revelation I have in store for this year and follow me throughout my journey as I pursue this life changing event.


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