confidenceThroughout growing up, I’ve always been really shy. I was always the quiet girl in the back and always one to feel awkward in huge groups of people. I never believed in myself as much as I should have and always stayed on the “safe” side of things. I was afraid of EVERYTHING. I feel like I was suffering from social anxiety or some sort that limited my socialization with others. With that, I have missed out on so many great opportunities and amazing people. I was too scared to get out there. To step out of my comfort zone and do something wild. The moment I graduated high school and got my FIRST job…was when it all change. It felt as if I was ripped away from my mothers nest and tossed off the branch and left falling to figure out how to use my wings and fly. My first day at work was a disaster. My anxiety was so bad that I could barely speak or do my job properly. I was terrified! I wanted to just break down and cry from the amount of stress I was feeling. I wondered what did I get myself into? Why am I here? I am not comfortable in this new environment.. I had people giving me a hard time and to make matters worst, they were laughing at me because of how nervous I was! At the end of the day I did not hesitate to rush home. I got home trembling and not wanting to go back again. But I thought to myself, this is SUPPOSE to feel this way. Its my FIRST job and I have the right to be nervous. So the next few days I went to work with a positive mind and just kept heading forward. Three years later…I couldn’t imagine work anywhere else but there.

Moral of the story is, you’re always going to feel unsteady trying something new. It will not feel right at first but you will eventually get the hang of it. I have learned so much after high school and the saying is true when life during high school isn’t going to follow you once you graduate. Things will change and you would get a better perspective on them. I started off with NO confidence in myself but after so many events that left me with nothing else but staying true to myself, I have gain so much.


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