They say we have freedom here
But in my life I don’t see myself nowhere near.
I’ve lived my life in silence
Throughout all the life of intense.
They say to just live it day by day,
Realistically we are just looking for pay.
We are condemned into our emotions
We seek for short cuts in all locations.
We must work hard to get far
Cause if you don’t you and your mind will be in war.
We live to see another day
Hoping that this time around things would be okay.
In our minds we have this figure
Longings and goals to be secure.
In life we are told this and that
If you’re too skinny or too fat.
So we are pushed to our highest points
Till we feel the pain raging in our joints
Then we see decline in what we do
Because of the hardaches and obstacles we go through.
Really what is freedom in your eyes
When life you see can either kill you or make you wise..
We are a slave at our sake
We are trapped in a dream that won’t make you wake.
We are a prisoner of life and these things we do to get by is well, the only thing to dull a knife.


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